[Tutorial] How do I create an NFT on openlake

Prerequisites: Valid Openlake Account 2. Connect Wallet to Openlake Account Step 1: Create NFT Collection Notice: You MUST create a collection first if you want to create NFT works. 1.1. Click “Create” in the top right. 1.2. Click “Create Collections”. 1.3. Fill in the required information. 1.4. Set your royalty ratio. If you want to know [...]

[Tutorial] How do I open an account and connect with wallet?

Step 1: Metamask Installation (You can skip step 1 if you have created and installed your own crypto wallet.) 1.1. Open Chrome Web Store, search and install Metamask. 1.2. Import your existing wallet using a Secret Recovery Phrase. (If you do not have a wallet, please create a new wallet according to Metamask guidelines.) 1.3. [...]