OPENLAKE Now Supports Internal Messaging And IM Services

Openlake now supports internal messaging and IM services. 1. Internal Messaging Our users can receive system events e.g. NFT Listing, NFT Transaction etc. in their messaging box with the internal messaging system. So our users won't miss out any important event and take actions timely. To access to the system messaging inbox, just click on [...]

Server Maintenance Completed

Dear Openlake Users, Thank you for your patience during our downtime! The server maintenance is completed now. All Openlake services have resumed back to normal. To increase user experience, we have made the following updates:Add capacity to Openlake infrastructureSpeed up Openlake service response time Thank you again for you understanding and support for Openlake! Kind [...]

Openlake Server Maintenance Notification

Dear Openlake Users, In order to better improve our user experience, we want to notify all Openlake users that on 8/19 US time 4AM--5AM PST (7PM--8PM HKT), there will be a scheduled downtime for approximately 1 hour. During this time, all Openlake services will be inaccessible. Please be sure to finish your operations on Openlake [...]

Openlake Now Supports Bundle Listing on ETH and BSC

Openlake now supports NFT bundle listing on ETH and BSC networks, which means you can list more than one NFTs in a single listing. Bundle sales can greatly reduce the GAS fee of NFT transactions. At present, Openlake can support up to 100 NFTs in one bundle, which means that the user only needs to [...]

Openlake Releases Batch NFT Import API

Openlake Releases API supporting batch import of NFTs. With this API, Openlake can now support the batch import and transaction of NFT projects on ETH or BSC network created on the other NFT platforms. The API at the moment supports importing NFT assets of ETH (Ethereum) and BSC (Binance Smart Chain) networks. For more information, [...]

Tutorial | Batch NFT Import API

Api : Method : GET Return : JSON Rate Limit : 30 times / minute per IP. Request Parameter nametyperequireddescriptionnetworkStringyesNFT’s network: Supports ETH and BSC. ETH:Ethereum. BSC:Binance Smart ChainaddressStringyesWallet address, start with”0x”.  contractStringyesNFT contract address, start with”0x”     Response: codedescription20000Success import request. Openlake will import your NFT in few minute, wait time might increase [...]

Openlake now supports EIP-2309

Openlake now supports EIP-2309, an extension to ERC-721, which provides a standardized method to track the creation and transfer of an infinite amount on ERC-721 NFTs. EIP-2309 addresses the ERC-721 mass minting and transfer scalability problem.e EIP-2309 provides more scalability of the ERC-721 specification. It is now possible to create, transfer, and burn 2²⁵⁵ non-fungible [...]

21-Year-Old Music Producer Sunny Lukas Releases Music/Video NFTs on Openlake

21-Year-Old Music Producer Sunny Lukas Releases Music/Video NFTs on Openlake

(Source: Sunny Lukas Recently, Sunny Lukas has released Music and Video NFTs through the Openlake platform( Sunny Lukas released the“*VIRAL* Escalator Dancing Videos | Hips Don't Lie”, “East Meets West”, and “Sunny Lukas Discography” Collections, which includes over 20 origin songs and videos such as “Softy & Slow”, “Ring Finder”, “Miracle”, etc. Sunny Lukas(郑卓熙) was [...]