How do I refer a friend?

You can find your referral ID in “Account” under your avatar in account center. Just copy and share it to friends. Or, click on the label besides “Invite & Earn”. You can find both your Referral ID and Link here. Referee details are below your Referral Info.

Can NFTs created on Openlake be seen on other platforms?

NFTs created on Openlake can be seen on other platforms if transferred or traded. This is due to the “Lazy Minting” technique that Openlake adapts. NFTs will only be “minted” on blockchain when the NFT is transferred. This technique is to reduce the transaction fees on blockchain networks.

Can I create an NFT in Batch quantity?

It depends. Openlake supports both. Openlake allows batch quantity for certain types of NTFs e.g. Original Music, Video for now. We will enable batch quantity for more types in the future.

What is wallet initialization?

Initialization is the process of creating proxy accounts on Ethereum Blockchain. In order to trade on Openlake, you MUST complete wallet initialization.