Openlake Music/Video/MV NFT Royalty Rules

When creating a Music/Video/MV NFT, you will be asked to set 2 royalty ratios, respectively. Collection Royalty: You need to set up a Collection Royalty ratio when creating collection. When the Copyright NFT is resold, collection creator of this NFT receives Collection Royalty. This applies to both Origin and Cover Music/Video/MV. Collection Royalty = Trade [...]

Openlake Music NFT Listing Types

Openlake is a pioneer in exploring the combination of NFT and copyrights,and is committed to the continuously refine of this revolutionary technology.Openlake may make revisions on the music NFT copyrights in cases including but not limited to new law enforcement or revisions. Openlake provides 4 selling methods for music NFTs: Single NFT Listing, Cover Right NFT [...]

What is Royalty?

Openlake rewards a commission to every referral purchase. The commission is based on the final trade price of an NFT item. Openlake settles the commission directly to the referrer’s wallet every 14 days to reduce the transaction cost. The commission or royalty rate can be set or modified at  “Account”→ “My Collections”. Click on the [...]